The Joy of Performing

The Joy Of Performing

Talented people everywhere want more from their work- they want to feel Joy that comes from believing in the organisation’s mission, meaningful involvement in making it a reality and opportunities for personal growth .

JOP answers for your business

  • 1 How do we get busy teams to focus on the things that really matter?
  • 2 How do we encourage changing work habits to become more agile?
  • 3 How do we support our teams in collaborating and innovating effectively?
  • 4 What are the best practices in providing employees consistent & meaningful feedback to learn and grow?

The solution that unleashes your performance potential

One solution

One power packed SAAS solution for all your performance enablement needs.

Agility Boost

Empowering teams with transparency for effective collaboration and innovation.


Rich analytics on performance to inform and improve decision making.

High performance culture

Intelligent tools to help you transform your company’s culture.

Helping you achieve the Joy of Performing

These are the business areas that JOP will help you to dramatically improve. When working together, they combine into a powerful force for improved performance.

1 Aligning company, team and personal objectives. Best practice OKR thinking to drive alignment and focus on what is most important.

2 Taking focused action. Regular Check Ins and Action management ensure daily and weekly progress on the breakthrough objectives in addition to BAU work.

3 Agile feedback and learning. Request, receive and provide Feedback on one clean interface to enhance collaboration and constant growth among teams. Regularly push out pulse surveys and more.

4Voice & Pulse Surveys. Encourage buy-in from your teams by sending out survey campaigns before making big decisions that affect them. Choose from our survey templates or create your own!

5 Agile insights. JOP insights close the feedback loop by providing early, relevant information to identify areas to remediate. Our proprietary JOP Index helps you to benchmark your current status and plan improvements.

If you are ready to realise the full performance potential of your
people and business, we're here to help!

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The Founders

Rakesh Sarin

Co Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Rakesh Sarin is a global business leader and has been at the helm of operations of large corporations as CEO and Director on Board of companies spanning across all the continents. A visionary leader who has led Global and Indian organizations to sustained success.
Grant Crow

Co Founder and Chief Growth officer

Dr Crow is a SaaS leader with 3 successful exits to date. He understands and applies best practice across functions.
Vibhu Satpaul

Co Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Vibhu Satpaul has experience and understanding of different businesses in various domains. He has a passion of solving business problems through creation of strong systems and processes with technology.
Gaurav Sabharwal

Co Founder and Chief Business Officer

An Entrepreneur with strong focus on value system, business growth and building global teams. Gaurav has over two decades of business experience, creating and running successful technology businesses.

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